Hurricanes threatened two U.S. states over the weekend. 2020’s first Atlantic Basin hurricane, Hanna, made landfall at South Padre Island, Texas on Saturday, bringing 90 mph winds and torrential rains to the region. Two days later, Hawaii narrowly avoided Hurricane Douglas’ worst impacts, as it moved just north of the islands.

More Storms in Store

The 2020 Hurricane season looks to be a busy one, with eight named storms in the Atlantic Basin so far. Earlier this year, Colorado State researchers released their forecast predicting 16 named storms (12.1 average from 1981-2010), 8 hurricanes (6.4 average) and 4 major hurricanes (2.7 average) for the Atlantic basin in 2020. Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 each year.

Review Your Storm Plans Now

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