With elections just a few months away, there is a sense of uncertainty that our nation hasn’t felt in a long time. The country is struggling with a pandemic, economic challenges, highly polarized issues, natural disasters, and many other unknowns. In the coming months, candidates will be making many promises to address these issues.

Self-reliance is the greatest power that Americans possess. Don’t depend on someone else to look after your well-being. Now’s the time to secure the basic necessities that sustain life, such as: food, shelter, power, and medical supplies. It’s also imperative that you have a reliable source of potable water in place—especially if your local water supply is interrupted or you go off-grid.

Nothing Beats Berkey® Quality

Berkey® gravity fed water purification systems are a proven essential for those serious about preparedness. They’re portable, require no plumbing and easy to use at home or in off-grid conditions. Authentic Black Berkey® Purification Elements have been independently tested to reduce greater than 99.999% of viruses and greater than 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria, while also removing or dramatically reducing protozoa, trihalomethanes, inorganic minerals, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, VOCs, petroleum products, perfluorinated chemicals, rust, silt, sediment and radiologicals from raw freshwater sources like rivers, lakes and ponds.

Berkey® gravity fed water purification systems are a testament to self-reliance—used daily by people facing the harshest of conditions: families recovering from natural disasters, missionary organizations working in unforgiving parts of the world, relief agencies battling the elements, and families taking control of their tap water.

Peace of mind can be priceless in times of crisis. With a Berkey® gravity-fed purification system, you can drink with confidence for just pennies per gallon, no matter where life takes you. Elect to become water-independent—find an Authorized Berkey® Dealer today.