Meet the leader in gravity-fed water purification. New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. (NMCL) is known for the Berkey® line of gravity-fed water purification systems, which set the industry gold-standard for performance and value.

Berkey® systems are made for the extreme
Berkey® systems equipped with Black Berkey® Elements deliver a powerful, convenient and reliable water purification solution for outdoor recreation and survival situations.

They are also enjoyed every day
Berkey® systems are the leading gravity-fed water purification solution for outdoor enthusiasts, self-reliant homes, missionaries abroad, relief organizations and health-aware individuals and families around the world.

Berkey® systems equipped with Black Berkey® Elements remove up to 99.999% of viruses and 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria, while also removing or dramatically reducing protozoa, trihalomethanes, inorganic minerals, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, VOCs, petroleum products, perfluorinated chemicals, rust, silt, sediment and even radiologicals.

Brand mission and values- At Berkey® Water Systems we strive to provide high-quality, rigorously-tested water purification products. We believe Berkey® systems have become a necessary layer of protection for millions of families amid a growing concern regarding the deterioration of America’s water infrastructure. We believe Berkey® systems are essential tools for emergency preparedness. We value helping families, and we respect the universal need for clean water.