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Despite the Rumors, Berkey® Water Systems is Not Going Out of Business

It is with deep sorrow that we learn that our longtime distributor is closing its doors. As you may know, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. is currently suing the EPA for re-interpreting their rules for the express purpose of classifying Berkey® products alone as Pesticides. The EPA has not utilized this new re-interpretation to stop the sale of any other outdoor water filter, just Berkey® alone. We have been informed that the real issue is that because of Covid-19, the EPA does not like the fact that Berkey® filters are capable of removing virus from your water. was the [...]

What a TDS Meter Can (and Can’t) Tell You

A lot of people—and a number of water filter companies—would have you believe that TDS (total dissolved solids) meter readings are the best measure of water’s overall suitability for drinking, which is totally false. TDS meters are generally easy to use, and while they can tell you certain things [...]

Do Berkey® Water Filter Systems Leach Aluminum Into Your Drinking Water?

The answer is NO—Berkey® water filter systems do NOT leach aluminum into your drinking water. Click the link below to read and download our extensive article (.pdf) that explains more about Berkey® water filter systems, and the differences between aluminum, alumina and activated alumina—three terms that people often incorrectly (and sometimes irresponsibly) [...]

How Do Black Berkey® Elements Work?

We at New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. want you to be educated about water filtration. This will allow you to make an informed decision on something as important as the quality of your drinking water. Since water filtration is a complex science, we try to use familiar terms when possible so [...]