We are aware of a growing number of counterfeit filters on the market. Here’s how to know for sure that your Berkey PF-2® Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements are authentic. Plus, learn what to do if you’re sold a counterfeit product.

Berkey PF-2® Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements are specifically designed to be used with Black Berkey® Elements, which target the reduction and/or removal of over 250 contaminants but lack the ability to reduce fluoride and arsenic over the long-term. To maximize reduction of fluoride and arsenic for long-term use, we developed the Berkey PF-2® Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements.

Why Buy Authentic Berkey PF-2® Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements?
Activated alumina has proven to be a very efficient media for reducing fluoride in drinking water, but it is produced in a variety of forms for commercial use. The special finely-granulated activated alumina used in Berkey PF-2® filters offers a very large surface area for greater contact with targeted contaminants, which allows for very efficient reduction of fluoride and arsenic from your drinking water. Plus, our filter’s casings contain a large amount of activated alumina to provide the best fluoride and arsenic reduction capabilities available in any such filter.

The Disadvantages of Counterfeits and Lookalikes
Counterfeit and lookalike filters often utilize activated alumina manufactured in the form of relatively large spheres, which offer a much smaller surface/contaminant contact area—and hence less reduction of fluoride and arsenic in the same given space inside their filter’s casing. In addition, these lookalikes may contain as much as 50% activated carbon, which is inefficient for two reasons: 1) activated carbon is not an efficient fluoride remover and 2) there is less room left in the filter casing for activated alumina, which is a very efficient fluoride removal medium. In other words, the less activated alumina that a fluoride removal filter contains means less fluoride reduction capabilty.

Also, some lookalike filters may not contain any activated carbon, yet contain only small amounts of activated alumina. The tell-tale sign of a filter not being an authentic Berkey PF-2® is when you shake them, lookalikes and counterfeits usually feel only partially filled—unlike authentic Berkey PF-2® filters which are filled all the way. You can literally feel and hear the difference between lookalike and authentic when shaken!

The Bottom Line
Authentic Berkey PF-2® Filters far exceed the reduction capabilities of counterfeit and similar lookalike brands that claim to be “replacements” or “compatible” to Berkey’s authentic PF-2® Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements—when they are not. Consumers may be tempted to purchase knock-off lookalike filters because of their cheap price, but you get what you pay for. To be sure you are getting the desired results in a broad spectrum of contaminants including fluoride and arsenic reduction plus the best value for your money, use only authentic Black Berkey® Elements with authentic Berkey PF-2® Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements.

One Sample of a Counterfeit Berkey PF-2® Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements Package

An Authentic PF-2® Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements Package

Do You Believe You’ve Been Sold Counterfeit Filters? Here’s What to Do Next

After reviewing those examples above, if you suspect your online marketplace purchase (from Amazon, eBay, etc.) may contain counterfeit elements, we suggest the following course of action:

  1. Demand a full refund from the dealer or marketplace.
  2. Return the product stating the specific seller from whom you purchased, shipped you counterfeit filters.
  3. Leave a review on the specific seller’s storefront stating that the seller sold and shipped you counterfeit filters, rather than authentic Berkey PF-2® Fluoride and Reduction Elements.
  4. Contact NMCL to report the marketplace and seller that sold you the counterfeit product (this helps us identify and take action against unauthorized sellers). We also urge customers who have been fooled into purchasing untested knock-off carbon block filters advertised as replacements to follow the same procedure.
  5. Replace the counterfeit filters by purchasing genuine Berkey PF-2® Fluoride and Reduction Elements from an authorized Berkey® dealer.