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There Is No Substitute for Berkey® Quality. Choose Only Authentic Berkey® Products. 

Over two decades ago, NMCL developed the proprietary formulation for our Black Berkey® Elements, which were originally designed for extreme use for emergency preparedness and off-grid activities. During their history they have undergone what we believe to be the most rigorous testing of any other gravity-fed water filter elements. Berkey® water systems have been utilized in off-grid applications by relief groups for disaster recovery, for their ability to remove or dramatically reduce contaminants from unpotable water sources. Berkey® systems equipped with Black Berkey® Elements are now trusted and used every day in millions of homes around the world by discerning, health-conscious consumers who have declared water independence.

As a result, Black Berkey® Elements have become known as the gold standard in gravity fed water filtration, becoming the most popular name in its category of water filtration products.

However, with the recent influx of Chinese and other foreign counterfeit filters entering the market (inferior products that appear very similar to genuine Black Berkey® Elements), consumers are being misled by not being able to determine the difference between the authentic Black Berkey® Elements and the counterfeit carbon block filters. These foreign counterfeit products have inherent performance and usability issues, which customers now are mistakenly attributing to Berkey® products—damaging our brand’s hard-earned and well-deserved reputation for performance and reliability. This deception must be addressed.

Don’t be fooled into buying a counterfeit or knockoff—here’s what you need to know so you can shop for Berkey® systems with confidence.


Carbon block filters repackaged in boxes imitating Berkey’s graphics, logos, holograms, bar codes, instructions and warranty information.

Lookalike Brands

Knock-off carbon block filter brands that market their filters as equivalent “replacements” or “interchangeable” with Black Berkey® Elements.

False & Misleading Statements

Imported knockoff and lookalike brands often use our trusted Berkey® name, and long-established part number “BB9-2” for Black Berkey® Elements, in product listings to legitimize their own brand—creating confusion in the marketplace and enticing consumers to buy their cheap carbon block filters and other lookalike Berkey® products.

What makes Black Berkey® Elements different than the counterfeit and lookalike filters?

Black Berkey® Elements are composed of a proprietary blend of multiple media types designed to work synergistically and target specific contaminants that far exceed the reduction capabilities of carbon block filters that are solely composed of activated carbon.

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How to Verify Authenticity of Black Berkey® Elements by Identifying Counterfeit Products

See samples of counterfeit versus authentic product. Plus, learn what to do if you’re sold a counterfeit.

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Avoid Unauthorized Sellers

While online marketplaces are great place to shop, there are sellers known to us that sell counterfeit or lookalike Berkey® products. Counterfeit carbon block filters do not address the same array of contaminants multiple accredited third-party labs have reported that authentic Black Berkey® Elements remove or dramatically reduce; therefore these fakes or lookalikes present a danger to the health and well-being to those consuming water filtered from counterfeit or lookalike Berkey® systems. Since the authenticity, source or condition of the products cannot be guaranteed, we do not support or warranty these items.


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