It is with deep sorrow that we learn that our longtime distributor is closing its doors. As you may know, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. is currently suing the EPA for re-interpreting their rules for the express purpose of classifying Berkey® products alone as Pesticides. The EPA has not utilized this new re-interpretation to stop the sale of any other outdoor water filter, just Berkey® alone. We have been informed that the real issue is that because of Covid-19, the EPA does not like the fact that Berkey® filters are capable of removing virus from your water. was the first dealer to receive a Stop-Sale Order, and we together worked with the EPA to rectify the situation. However, after working with the EPA for about eight months, it became apparent that the EPA would accept nothing less than the bankruptcy of New Millennium, its dealers, and more importantly preventing you the public from being self sufficient in terms of cleaning difficult to remove contaminants from your drinking water. Accordingly, we sued the EPA and the case is now in the Appeals Court. We are now in appeal because, amazingly, the district court ruled that New Millennium had not been harmed by the EPA issuing Stop-Sale orders to its dealers, its manufacturing facility and other vendors, and therefore had no standing in that court. Unfortunately, over the course of the past year the folks at have fallen victim to this overreach by the EPA. We wish them the best.

Having said that, we want to clear up any confusion between New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. (NMCL) the manufacturer and brand owner of Berkey® Water Systems, and is no longer an authorized Berkey® dealer, and again, is closing its doors.

We at New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. assure you that the Berkey® brand is alive and well and is still the trusted leader in gravity fed water filtration systems and products. To be clear: New Millennium is not closing its doors and is actively engaged in fighting the EPA’s overreach and its attempt to control and prevent the public from purifying their drinking water.

In the meantime, you can locate an authorized Berkey® dealer by simply doing a web search for “authorized Berkey® dealers”, all of whom are ready to support your water filtration needs.