GenX is the trade name for a chemical that was introduced in 2010 as a “safer” replacement for a toxic contaminant known as PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid, commonly called C8). Like its predecessor, GenX enables the production of common household products including non-stick pans, firefighting foam and water-repellent fabrics. Although few health studies are available on GenX, toxicologists say GenX is almost identical to C8, thus sparking concerns about adverse health effects. GenX is not currently regulated by state or federal health agencies, and officials agree that more research is needed.

GenX was in the news recently after the contaminant was found to be present in a number of North Carolina drinking water supplies. A plant in North Carolina produces GenX and it is suspected that discharge of GenX from the plant seeped into the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority.

PFOAs are “Organofluorine Compounds.” Black Berkey® Elements are very effective at removing or reducing organic contaminants in water, to levels of 99.9% or greater. Further, Black Berkey® Elements have been tested for PFC reduction and achieved levels down to two parts per trillion…extremely small.

As such, the expectation is that Black Berkey® Elements would reduce GenX in water. It is important to note that NMCL does not have actual testing for these particular contaminants, yet. Without specific testing we cannot make any claim on this specific chemical, but the data suggest that we would likely be very efficient at removing GenX, given that it is a fluoropolymer resin similar to PFOA.

New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. ALWAYS recommends that you use the cleanest source of water available; however we understand that during emergencies a clean source of water may not always be available.