Berkey Water Systems brand owner Jim Shepherd and lawyer Warren Norred join “Faithful Freedom” host Teryn Gregson for a 40-minute interview “Berkey Water Filters Sue EPA After Taken off Market without Due Process | Ep 126”.

During the discussion, Shepherd explains how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s actions over the last two years have affected Berkey Water Systems’ ability to manufacture and distribute their popular line of gravity-fed water filtration systems. Shepherd also discusses the growing problem of counterfeit and inferior lookalike water filtration products that are creating a lot of consumer confusion in the marketplace. Plus, lawyer Warren Norred details some of the important legal issues involved with the lawsuit.

Watch the interview below:

You can also watch the video here or listen to the interview here, and it is also available on Apple podcasts.

Teryn Gregson is an award-winning journalist, former golf broadcaster and on-camera host. She now hosts “Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson” presented by We The Patriots USA.

About the Lawsuit

New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. (“NMCL”) and the James B. Shepherd Trust, the brand owner of Berkey Water Systems, filed a lawsuit against the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) in August of 2023 seeking to stop its unjustified treatment and perceived persecution of Berkey Water Filters based on the EPA’s decision this year to treat Berkey Water Filters as though they are pesticides, rather than water filters. To learn more about the lawsuit, you can read the full press release here.

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We encourage you to share or repost this article and our original press release to raise awareness about the targeted and abusive conduct of the EPA against Berkey.

If an injunction is not granted and Berkey is not allowed to resume regular manufacturing and distribution operations, people around the world may no longer have the opportunity to experience the benefits of Berkey’s unique, economical and time-proven water filter systems that have improved lives for over 20 years by providing clean drinking water from freshwater sources.

Moreover, if the EPA can get away with these extreme actions in classifying Berkey as a pesticide and issuing orders that effectively stop the flow of Berkey® products…it begs the question: which other water filter company or other beneficial products are next on their list to interfere with? Something needs to be done to reign in the EPA’s abuse of power and hold them accountable.

So, in addition to sharing our posts, please take a moment to write or call your local representatives, congressmen and senators and ask for their help in reigning in the EPA specifically regarding their attack in classifying Berkey® water filters as pesticides, and lifting their stop-sale orders that are preventing the manufacture and distribution of Berkey® products.

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