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Do Berkey® Water Filter Systems Leach Aluminum Into Your Drinking Water?

The answer is NO—Berkey® water filter systems do NOT leach aluminum into your drinking water. Click the link below to read and download our extensive article (.pdf) that explains more about Berkey® water filter systems, and the differences between aluminum, alumina and activated alumina—three terms that people often incorrectly (and sometimes irresponsibly) use interchangeably when writing articles and reviews about water filter systems. Plus, learn about the limitations of standard aluminum testing protocols and why TDS meters are not a reliable way to measure aluminum in your drinking water. Read our article: Do Berkey® Water Filter Systems Leach Aluminum Into Your Drinking [...]

Enjoy National Parks in Person or Online

With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping most of us inside the last few months, there is some good news: the National Park Service is reporting that an increasing number of parks are starting to open up. Things to Keep in Mind The scenic lakes, enchanting vistas and favorite camping spots [...]

Unsafe Levels of PFASs In Drinking Water Pose Health Risks, Study Says

Higher-than-recommended concentrations of industrial chemicals known as PFASs have been found in American drinking water, according to a 2016 study published in Environmental Science & Technology Letters. Polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) have been linked to cancer, obesity, hormone suppression and high cholesterol. The highest levels of PFASs were found near industrial [...]